This week, nothing that I was to review sounded any good to me. really. Just some bland, cookie-cutter piffle that isn’t worth mentioning. Well, there was one release that was actually amazing, SICKMaN of Virginia’s new album Mourning Sicness was certainly worth my time in spades. You can read my review right below this post, and check this great band out, they deserve a listen.

So, since I have nothing else to review, I will just give you a short set list of what I have been listening to this week in between books. Not a review, just some records I listen to a lot. Check out the video, or song links, in case you’ve never heard of some of these albums. Next week I will be reviewing some good albums, starting with a new one from Virginia’s Dead Aim.





Portishead’s  Third to me is their best effort.  Their first two releases (Self-titled, and Dummy) are beautiful records, but Third is so much more visceral and nuanced than the first two records.  At times heavy and dark, and sometimes ethereal and serene. The go-go drumbeat, ominous bass line and retro-noir guitar of Silence gets me everytime, with layers of guitars, beats, strings and hiss, halted mid-stream to a whisper, while vocalist Beth Gibbons croons in her best anguished voice. I am still hoping that they will put out one more album one day soon. Video Link:

Crine and city solution

Crime and the City Solution-Brideship

Crime and the City Solution come from the same place (Australia) and time as The Birthday Party/Bad Seeds. I like them because they are in the same vein as Nick and the Seeds. Simon Bonney’s voice on the song Dangling Man  penetrates, his lyrics and delivery were and still are dramatic, and meaningful. The band has put out an album in 2013, and did a short tour, so hopefully there will be more forthcoming. Link below




I guess I have been on a Post-Punk kick this week-Tuxedomoon’s Desire, just a weird, gloomy record. I always thought of them as an art band more than anything else. Great early goth/synth with a flare of drama. If you have never heard of them, do give them a listen on the link below.


Congo/Norvell-Music to Remember Him By


I love this band. Never heard of them until I saw them live at The Kyber in Philly around  1995. They opened for Nic Turner’s Space Ritual!  Guitarist Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and singer Sally Norvell together present a cool, retro-fuzz vibe, with Sally’s torch-song style, backed by Congo’s fuzzy, reverb-laden guitars. This is a great album. Watch the video link below.



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May 26, 2014 · 10:00 pm

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