Punk Flyers: 1980-1990: Minor Threat/Death Skank 2000/Bad Brains

My first band was a Hardcore Punk band called Judicial Fear, and we hailed from the Norfolk, Va area from 1980-1983. We were lucky enough to play on the same stage with bands like Minor Threat, DOA, and Adrenalin OD, among other great Hardcore and punk bands. Below are a few of the old flyers from shows we played, as well as shows I either went to, or promoted myself. These flyers were designed well before Photoshop or Publisher, relying on old-school cut and paste techniques from the DIY playbook.



The above flyer is for the 1983 DOA/Minor Threat Show at Benny’s in Richmond,Virginia, also on the bill was the seminal Richmond Hardcore Band White Cross-this was one of the most important shows I have ever been involved with to this day! This flyer was designed by Richmond, Va. Artist and graphic designer Doug Dobey


This flyer was for one of the most historic shows in the area. There was the Mob from NYC of course, but also one of the earliest incarnations of Agnostic Front, and Corrosion of Conformity, before they had any records out. Add The Abused and Richmond’s Death Piggy (pre-Gwar) and Honor Role, and you have a show for the history books.Image

This was when the Bad Brains had reformed with HR singing. Around 1990, or 1991. This was my band Throttle’s first big show, and we got to open with Leeway from NYC as well. An amazing experience to be sure. My band Judicial Fear never got the chance to put out any records, and all we had for years was a basement recording of our set. Unfortunately, that tape was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, when I lived in New Orleans. So, these flyers are all that is left to chronicle our existence. Otherwise, it would be as if we never existed.

This will be a regular post of mine, and each week I will put up 2 or 3 old flyers/posters from 1980-2000, so stay tuned for that, as well as corresponding photos for some of the shows.



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5 responses to “Punk Flyers: 1980-1990: Minor Threat/Death Skank 2000/Bad Brains

  1. RRR

    The Abused didn’t play that Death Skank show and I’m not sure any of the other NYC bands did either.


    • Were you there? because I don’t think you were. The Abused I can’t speak for, because I don’t remember seeing them play. But I personally saw Agnostic Front, The Mob and every other band on that bill. So if you have some reason to think that this is a counterfeit flyer, maybe you can post that with your statement next time.


    • Deet Novak

      abused i dont think made it so cause for alarm played agnostic front played raybeez was still playing drums for them and i remember the dough boys of course other bands played like c.o.c. and the other bands on the flier. I screamed and sang for society outcast and my friend played for the pits. It was a great show and it rocked all day long.
      I am DEET NOVAK

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  2. Jd

    Bad Brains / leeway show was 1989. I remember because the shirt I bought said “bad brains in ’88” on the back and I was confused.

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    • I am sure this was 90, because my band Throttle only came out in 89, and I remember that this show was about 6 months later. Bad Brains and Leeway probably played into 1990 from 89, that’s all I can think of. I am older, and the memory comes and goes, but I am pretty sure about this one. Were you at this show, or a show in another city? hahaha I have seen so many shows from 1980-1995, it is just one continuous memory.


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