Punk Flyers 1980-2000: Adrenalin OD/D.O.A./Rat Cage Records

This week, I am posting a flyer from 1982 for an Adrenalin OD show featuring some of Richmond’s best punk bands in the opening slots. Also, a flyer for a Punk show that I promoted in New Orleans under Lucky 13 Productions featuring DOA and the great Japanese punk band Ultra Bidet, and finally, a handbill for Rat Cage records from 1982.


The above flyer was for a record release show (1982) for the mighty White Cross, one of Richmond, Virginia’s premier Punk bands. On the bill for this show are some of the most important Richmond bands of the time, such as the Beex, Graven Image, The Prevaricators, Honor Role, and the debut of Lethal Injection, an early incarnation of the great cross-over band Absence of Malice. My band Judicial Fear was also on the bill, representing Norfolk, Va. The special guest on the bill was New Jersey’s Hardcore Punk juggernaut  Adrenalin O.D. I remember a young girl with a big, fluffy blond mohawk received a compound leg fracture while slamming in the pit. The femur was jutting out, and I watched some people get a little dizzy after witnessing the carnage. Not her though, she took it like a boss. That’s Punk Rock my friendos. To this very day, Richmond, Va. has put out some of the best, and most original music in the country, and just because many of you don’t know it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. This flyer was designed by Pen Rollins, at the time, guitarist for Honor Role.


This was a flyer for a D.O.A. show that I promoted (Lucky 13 Entertainment) at Monaco Bob’s Touchdown Lounge in New Orleans around 1997. The excellent Japanese punk band Ultra Bide’ were on the bill, as were local Punk legends Backwash. I would like to say that this was a great show, but even though the bands were all amazing, only 9 people paid to get in, with the rest just loitering outside. The hard lessons of music promotion slapped the Hell out of me on this day. I designed this flyer, with the graphic of the exploding bra model being pilfered from a West Coast Punk poster book I had. Again, all cut and paste. Monaco Bob’s was a short-lived little dive club near the Mississippi river that has got to be one of the most decadent places I have ever been to. Some of the things that I have witnessed there have left a permanent scar on my corneas. I would tell some more stories, but I would have to kill you all afterwards. So let’s just say that some of the nights I spent there were legendary. (Can you say Mammary Mondays Amateur Stripper Night?)


One of my prized pieces of ephemera  is this small handbill from LES Manhattan’s Rat Cage Records. I went there in 1982 to buy the new comp Flex Your Head on Discord records, as well as Bad Religion’s Newest, How Can Hell Be Any Worse? I remember seeing the original Beastie Boys (a hardcore band at its inception on Rat Cage Records) hanging out there-they were all of 15 or 16 years old at the time. While I have lost over 90% of all the flyers I had once owned, this is one of a handful that I was able to hang onto. It is yellowed, and stained, with creases and push-pin holes, but it brings back some great memories for me.   Next post, I will have some more early 80s flyers for Black Flag , MDC, and some newer stuff as well. Stay tuned, and please follow the blog, share it, and post comments if you have any questions or remarks. If you were at any of these shows, chime in and share a story.


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June 18, 2014 · 7:42 pm

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