Set-List: Lightfields~Junior



Lightfields-Junior (2014)  DelGato Records

I just got turned on to this band recently, although they have been making noise up in Richmond, Va. since around 2009. Their new album Junior has just been released, and the download from Bandcamp was FREE! And it Kills!  With songs like Mockingbird, Atomic  and Muscle Memory, I am immediately thinking of a cross between Sonic Youth and Polvo, but with much better vocals. The band has 3 frickin’ guitars, producing a wall of noise that contains two of my favorite flavors: Reverb and Distortion. Lightfields throw out some Surfish-Noir at one point, bring it down to a whisper, and then deliver an onslaught of noisy guitars that will send shocks through your liver.

The band is Coldon Martin – Guitar and Vocals, Austin “Tex” Marks – The Bass Guitar, C.J. Rosati – Guitar, Daniel Carlisle – Guitar and Cre Moore  on Drums. My favorite song on the album is titled Backseat, with guest vocals by Tiffany Meehan and concert bass by Matt Gold, the vocals and arrangement are perfect, as is the production throughout the 10 song album. Being recorded, produced and mixed by Daniel “The Unicorn” Deckelman of Snake Oil recording in Richmond, Va. may have something to do with that. Rather than me telling you how great this band is, I think you should go to their Bandcamp page and download the album, you can get it free, but you will feel like a shithead after you listen to it, because you will realize that it was worth throwing down some cash for this beauty. Recommended for fans of Sonic Youth, Spoon, Polvo, and noisy, psychedelic stun-level Post-Punk.

More reviews coming up soon: Mess of Owls and Zongo-Junction

Download Lightfields- Junior here:



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June 20, 2014 · 9:16 pm

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