Punk Flyers 1980-2000: Token Entry/Dead kennedys

This week we have a flyer from a show I promoted under Hardway Productions at Revival in Philadelphia, where I booked all-age hardcore shows for a couple of years from 1990-1992. Revival is remembered fondly as an after-hours nightclub that flourished in the 1980s, into early 1990s. I would produce these all-age shows  usually on Sunday afternoons.  Token Entry were a pretty good band from NYC, and whenever I booked them, there would be a huge crowd. They were really nice guys too. On the bill was Dirge, a monster band from New Jersey, the singer Jack-O had a voice like a shot gun, and they were heavy as Hell. The opener was Philadelphia’s Throne of Corruption, a Hardcore band that could never play a show without some kind of fight breaking out. I don’t remember booking many shows at Revival that didn’t involve a stabbing, a bottle across the head, or a big fight in the pit. This doesn’t include times when the manager flipped out and chased kids out with a bat, or maybe the cops raiding the show and beating on kids. Brotherly Love my ass. Good times.Token Entry  Below is a flyer to one of the best shows that I remember seeing in Richmond, Virginia (and I have seen many great Hardcore shows in Richmond). The Dead Kennedys in their prime, July 1982. Casablanca (Later Rockitz, now the Empire) had some of the best shows then, and this was one of the greats. The DKs burned the stage down…and Richmond’s White Cross and Norfolk’s Frontline got everybody warmed up with killer sets. The Void from D.C.  brought it as well-I mean, look at this bill! I might be an old man now, but I got to see these bands in their prime! And for that, I am grateful. This poster was designed by Susan Foster Zimmerman.




If anyone remembers being at either of these shows, leave a comment with any memories of the show, or the bands, or even info about who designed the flyers.



July 5, 2014 · 7:22 pm

2 responses to “Punk Flyers 1980-2000: Token Entry/Dead kennedys

  1. porky prime cut

    Another flier had a quote “see jello crawl!”. One of the best shows imaginable, with cuts from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables A few years later they were large-hall-only famous, Caught them at WUST hall on V st in DC, where a highlight was mtv get off the air

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