Book Review: The Hour of Parade by Alan Bray

Hour of Parade

The Hour of Parade

by Alan Bray

( 2013)  Create Space, Kindle Ed., 303 pages
Set in Munich 1806, The Hour of Parade by Alan Bray is an epic historical-fiction that hearkens back to a time when literature was rich with vivid characters, and larger than life plots. Set after the Napoleonic Wars, the main character, Alexi Ruzhensky, a Russian cavalry officer, sets out on a trail of revenge; he is sent by his father to even the score with the French Officer who had killed his brother during a duel. Rather than complete his mission, he befriends his target, although complications will result, such as Ruzhensky’s affair with the Frenchman’s mistress.
The story is written in the style of the early 19th century-it is epic and portrays classic themes, such as romance (a love triangle), revenge, pride, war and friendship. This is Mr. Bray’s first novel, yet his style is one that compares to literature’s greats, such as Tolstoy and Rousseau, who both have bit parts within the story. The Hour of Parade offers readers an epic tale, written as if it were penned during the 19th century, with a plot that widens bit by bit as it arrives at its volatile conclusion. Truly a beautifully written story.
**** (4 out of 5)


August 13, 2014 · 2:28 pm

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  1. Hi Joseph,
    I really appreciate your kind review.

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