Book Review: The Dimension Scales and Other Stories by Garry Abbott

The Dimension Scales and other stories


The Dimension Scales and Other Stories

by Garry Abbott

(2014) by Garry Abbott, ebook, 188 pages

“Something happened, and the world splintered…”

A thoroughly weird and at times chilling collection of 14 tales teetering between Science Fiction and pure whimsy. It has been compared to the Twilight Zone, and that is as apt a comparison as I myself can make, because that is the first idea that came to mind after getting through the first three stories. Themes explored include Artificial Intelligence that runs amok, giant queen ants with British accents that reclaim the earth from the spreading human pestilence, and accidental time travelers who should have stayed home. My favorite story, Cry Again Army, may be the most polished of the lot, and quite a visionary piece of writing- a transhumanist nightmare of cryogenically preserved elites who awaken to a world that is unlivable a couple of centuries later, thanks no doubt to their own shortsightedness.

Almost every story is a stunner, with endings that come out of left field, totally unexpected, and that’s what a reader looks for in a collection such as this. As far as debuts go, Garry Abbott has delivered an entertaining, and off-the-wall anthology of weirdness that I thoroughly enjoyed. I eagerly await his next offering with anticipation.

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**** (4 out of 5)


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August 14, 2014 · 1:52 am

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