Thugbrarian Set-List: Rigor Mortis new album Slaves to the Grave INDIEGOGO campaign

Attention metal fans! One of the original American Speed-Metal bands, Rigor Mortis is putting out their 4th and final album titled Slaves to the Grave in October of this year- their first release in 23 years! That’s correct, recordings of the original line-up of Casey Orr on Bass, Bruce Corbitt on vocals, Harden Harrison on Drums, and Mike Scaccia on Guitars. Tragically, guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away late December of 2012, which makes this release even more important-not only as a fitting tribute to the musical genius of Mike Scaccia, who was also the long time guitarist of Ministry, but also because this is the last recording of the original line-up that will ever be heard. It kicks major Thrash-Metal ass!  Listen for yourself-They have leaked the song Flesh For Flies and you can hear it Here.

That said, Slaves to the Grave is not being produced by some corporate record label. No, it is being put out by the band. They are working with crowd funding site INDIEGOGO to put this record out. This means that fans pledge anywhere from $15 to $1000, and in return they get the CD, or any other number of excellent extras and limited editions available, depending on their donor level.

The Slaves to the Grave program indeed has some awesome swag to offer, from shirts and hoodies, to autographed CDs and posters, and there is a Red Splattered Vinyl Edition with alternate cover art that is limited to only 250 copies, plus a sticker and signed poster for a pledge of just $40. Whaaaaat!? If that isn’t enough, you also get your name on the album cover! I have seen a lot of INDIEGOGO promotions, but never with extras like this! How cool is that?! Click Here for all the details and to pledge your support for Rigor Mortis. below is the Album cover design.

slaves record

Rigor Mortis- Slaves to the Grave


They only have 2 weeks left, and they have reached 70% of their intended goal of $20,000, but there are still plenty of amazing extras available to anyone that pledges, such as for $30, you will receive a Signed copy of the CD + a DVD along with a Rigor Mortis patch. That is insane! You and I both know that if you went to a store to buy this, it would cost more than that, and it wouldn’t be signed. If you are a big shot wheeler-dealer, throw down $1000 and you will receive the signed CD/DVD, plus a Rigor Mortis Hoody, Sticker, poster, flask, shot glass,  dog tags and your name on the CD! oh wait! You also get an original 11×14 painting by bassist Casey Orr, (who also played bass for GWAR as Beefcake the Mighty) that is quite a haul. Below are some of the perks available.


Rigor Mortis Patch perk


Laser etched Flask and Shot Glass etc

Whether you pledge the minimum $15 for the Cd (w/ Poster & Sticker), or the Full Monty of $1000 for the Ultimate Bundle, you are in fact supporting the production of an important Musical endeavor-the release of Mike Scaccia’s final recording for Rigor Mortis. The deadline is approaching. Check out this video of Mike laying down guitar gold during the Slaves to the Grave sessions.

Once again, go to the INDIEGOGO page for all the information

rigor mortis


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August 15, 2014 · 5:21 pm

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