Punk Posters-1980-2000: the Mentors/Dulac Swade/ The Spo-its



The Mentors at Monaco Bob’s NOLA 1996 Designed by Allen Jeager


The Mentors-Dulac Swade and The Spo-its

Monaco Bob’s, New Orleans, La. August 25th 1996

The above poster is for The Mentors show I promoted at the infamous Monaco Bob’s Touchdown Lounge in New Orleans under the Lucky 13 Entertainment moniker. The bill was too good for me to pass up, since every other promoter in NOLA didn’t want to touch this show. This was late 1996, the last Mentors tour with El Duce at the helm, since the very next year he was run down by a train in California. I am sure many have read the rumors (Conspiracy Theories are more like it) concerning the circumstances of his death. Mainly that Courtney Love tried to hire him to kill Kurt Cobain (this is what he says anyway), he turned her down supposedly, and after making these claims during an interview for the documentary Kurt and Courtney, he mysteriously got run over by a train. Hmmmm I am not touching that.

But I will say that this show was nuts. El Duce, as drunk and incoherent as he was before the show, came to life once on stage, giving a truly disgusting (in a good way) performance. The openers were no slouches either. Local New Orleans MetalCore powerhouse Dulac Swade ripped a hole in the stage, as they always did. A favorite band of mine to book back then was the South Carolina sexploitation band The Spo-its. A group that is hard to describe really, with a front man who spews out poetry about some dark stuff, while playing sax with authority, a scantily clad young lady scraping a metal grinder across her steel bikini , and the bare-bottom spanking of willing audience members.This was one of my more interesting shows to say the least.


Mentors/Dulac Swade and The Spo-its live at Monoco Bobs. Poster designed by Joe annaruma

After the show, I made the mistake of driving El Duce down to the French Quarter to hit some bars. The guy couldn’t form a sentence, much less raise his head by this time. We got to the Hideout on Decatur Street, and he immediately grabbed at a girls breasts. I saw this film before, and I decided to turn around and leave him there. Besides, Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson was there as well, talking him up, so I figured he could pay for the ensuing damage that was sure to take place. This was just one of many outrageously beautiful shows that I was able to book at Monaco Bob’s. I miss that place sometimes.


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