Set-List: The Real Tears (5 song EP)

real tears

The Real Tears- Self-Titled (EP) Cd-2014

1-  So Low

2- Turnaround

3- Bullet

4- Walk

5- Ace

I saw these guys live a few weeks ago, and I must say that they jangled my giblets.  They play balls-out Punk Rock that reminds me of Detroit in the early 70s, with a mix of styles reminiscent of The Stooges, The Misfits, AC/DC and even a little Accept.  The 5 songs on this excellent debut pretty much travel at one speed: Right through your rib cage! Darbe  (vocals and bass) sounds like a man who would just as soon bite your ear off than say hello; the rage feels real, and his vocal style fits the music it accompanies. Dickie  (drums) and Darbe lay down a solid rhythm along with the stun-level guitar sound of George  (Rhythm Guitar), while lead guitarist Alex  throws down tight leads that lunge at you like quick stabs to the belly with a 6 inch blade.

The first song, So Low starts the Cd the same way ACE ends it: hard, crunchy Classic Punk that hearkens back to the 70s,  while keeping it fresh. I happen to think that with this debut release, The Real Tears  have set the bar high for their contemporaries on the Tidewater, Va. punk scene, because their sound is just much heavier and meaner than most other bands I have heard lately- they really are a louder, angrier and much uglier (literally) punk band, bringing back the fuck you attitude that I love, and I must say, after listening to songs like Turnaround and Walk, I felt like I wanted to punch someone in the face! That is what a good punk song does to a man with a chip on his shoulder.

The sound of the Cd is crisp, capturing the raw energy without diminishing clarity, and that is no doubt due to the Recording, Mastering and Mixing expertise of Matt Katherman of  Norfolk’s own Clay Garden Studio – Matt has been responsible for producing some of the best new releases in the area for some time now. And the artwork of Melissa McQuown (photo and design) and Jay Weatherspoon (back cover art) only adds to the mix, producing  an all around kick ass package. You can contact the band through their Bandcamp to order a cd or to Download directly from the site. Here is a link to the song Ace (my favorite tune), so just listen for yourself and behold  The Real Tears.



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