Thugbrarian Set-List: Total Control-Typical System

typical system

Total Control-Typical System (June 2014) Iron Lung Records

1- Glass

2- Expensive Dog

3- Flesh War

4- Systematic Fuck

5- Liberal Party

6- 2 Less Jacks

7- Black Spring

8- The Ferryman

9- Hunter

10- Safety Net

This Australian Post-Punk band has been around since 2008. I have never heard of them until just a few weeks ago, and it was through this album, Typical System, which my girlfriend has been playing the Hell out of recently (she has impeccable taste in music). The songs range in style from Post-Punk to New Wave to Electro, and throughout the 10 songs, I would detect hints of Kraftwerk, The Fall, New Order and even some Bollock Brothers, among others.

Total Control have been unfairly indexed with the recent wave of Post-Punk revivalist bands, and while I can see how that can happen, I don’t buy it. Every song is a gem in my opinion; the lyrics are dark, and the vocals move between snarky meanness to controlled anger, then off to seething hatred.  Yes, they remind me of my favorite post-punk bands from the 80s, so what?  Every decade, young bands re-invent music older than they are, and make it their own. As long as it is good music, let them reinterpret all they want.

 I like them, because they have a great sound, and they are talented-what more do you want from a band? Right. Listen for yourself on their BandCamp page  HERE


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October 1, 2014 · 6:31 pm

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