Book Review: Witch Lights by Michael M. Hughes

witch lights

Witch Lights

by Michael M. Hughes
Hydra (2014) ebook, 204 pages

Before I review this Paranormal Thriller, I have to admit that I did not read volume one of the Blackwater Lights Trilogy, mainly because I did not realize it was the 2nd book of a trilogy. I was wondering why I wasn’t catching on to a good portion of the allusions to past events. I was actually thinking that this story is good, but it seems disjointed. Still, the action, and the fantastical elements of witchcraft and shape shifting drug lords, along with some expertly crafted characters kept me going to the end, until the story ended in an abrupt cliff hanger. That kind of made me mad. “This is how you end a book?” I screamed!!!! Nooooo!!!!! Not acceptable. What happened to the kid? why did they blow the girls ex-husband’s brains out?

I went back to the Netgalley page for the book, and there in plainly legible English, it stated that this is book 2 of a trilogy. With that information in mind, I will say this: Read book 1 of the Blackwater Lights Trilogy, it will explain a great deal of what goes on in #2, and when you are finished reading Witch Lights, like me, you will be clamoring to read book 3. Even without having read the first volume, I was enthralled with this story of Latin-American gangsters ruled by sharp dressed drug kingpins who happen to be able to turn into bats. There are ancient deities that put Satan to shame, and enough violence to curdle one’s blood. In addition, the dialogue is entertaining and at times very funny. But the ending. The ending will piss you off-it just ends at the most intense instant of the story. A real cliff-hanger. Well played sir.

**** (4 out of 5)

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October 14, 2014 · 10:52 pm

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