Back from the Darkness

A few of you may have noticed my absence these last few weeks, and for good reason- I vanished from the social media landscape. One minute I am writing a book review, and the next a blue screen of death. I pretty much lost anything that I have created, or downloaded in the last 4 months, which is the last time I backed my records up. So I have been keeping somewhat active on my accounts via smart phone and Kindle Fire.

After a couple of days without being online, I started to ignore my phone, and before long, I would be going hours without even looking at Facebook or my emails, or any other number of accounts I have. Next thing I know, I am going a couple of days. I am old enough to remember before internet and cell phones. I actually felt that freedom, and sense of unencumbered nothingness that I experienced back before progress. It was soothing and stress-free.

It has been hard for me to come back once I rebooted and gathered some of my files together; the whole “going off the grid” ideal is appealing to me on some levels. But here I am, back in the electronic fold with some new information.  In the next week, I will be posting reviews of some pretty good books that I have read recently, plus previews of what I have in my to read pile.I will be implementing some new and different features in the near future, like pairing my book review with a video, or a link to what I was listening to during the period when I read the book.

Starting on Monday, Nov 10th, look for reviews of the following titles right here:


History of USmaraudersdeclass



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November 6, 2014 · 8:49 pm

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