Book Review: My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941 by Bess Taubmen, et al.



My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941

by Bess Taubmen, Ernest Arroyo, Edward L. Cox (Illustrations)
Mapmania Publishing Co (2014) Hardcover, 98 pages

I was happy to receive this book in the mail- I love military history, and I am always pleased when a WWII book comes my way. In this particular case, I was doubly pleased, because My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941 is indeed a facsimile scrapbook of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on Dec 7 1941.  First of all, the illustrations and the general design of the book are excellent; archival photos, personal letters, memos, telegrams and newspaper clippings enhance the historical information it contains. Separate facets of life on Pearl Harbor before, during and after the bombing are explained, in many cases using news stories , personal accounts and above average photographs, which offers the reader a better understanding of everyday life on the island during the tumult. All in All, this is a visually stunning, informative account of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Someone who has vast knowledge in WWII military history will enjoy this book as much as someone who is just starting their inquiries. For the historian, there is a wealth of archival material, ephemera, and personal correspondence which I for one have never seen before. The novice will receive a good overview of the major points of the period, giving the reader a basic understanding of the who, what, where and why surrounding the bombing, as well as visually stimulating design. This would be a great gift for almost anyone on your list. Tags: Military History, WWII, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Navy, Japan, United States, Hawaii, History, scrapbook, photographs, archives, primary resources

Starting with now, Thugbrarian Set-List will also be included at the end of my book reviews. basically just a shout out to whatever I was listening to parallel to what I was reading at the time. I will still be doing some music reviews, this is just  lagniappe (something extra).  It can be anything from Punk Rock to sacred Turkish taffy-pulling  music, I listen to all kinds of stuff. If you think there is a band I should be listening to, based on my post, let me know in the comments section, I am always looking to hear good, new music.






When I wasn’t reading My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941, I was listening to one of the best Punk Rock records ever made, the debut by Avengers, by way of a 1983 compilation of their music. The fact that people still love this record over 30 years later is a testament to its greatness. What is even cooler is that, like myself, singer Penelope Houston also works for a Public Library.   You can hear the full album on YouTube HERE 


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