The Thugbrarian Set-List: Top 10 Albums of 2014

This is a list of my 10 favorite releases of the past year. I didn’t review every album on my list, either because time didn’t permit, or there were already plenty of great reviews circulating out there. Thanks for following the blog and sharing the posts, I am looking forward to hearing what 2015 has to offer.


1. Triptykon-Melana Chasmata (Century Media)

Listening to this gave me the same feeling I had when I first heard Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion– I realized that I was listening to some next level shiz! This was my favorite new album of the year by miles.

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Chrome album feel it like a scientist

2. Chrome- Feel it Like a Scientist (King of Spades)

Feel it Like a Scientist is brandy-new Chrome, and it is Chrome to the next level. Whether you are an old fan, or someone who has been listening to music from underneath a rock, you need to listen to this album.

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swans-to be kind


3. SWANS-To Be Kind (Young God Records)

No matter what Michael Gira and company put out, you can be sure that it would be honest, intense and most importantly, different from what anyone else has been doing. With To Be Kind, and the 2012 release The Seer, I believe that Gira has  found a way to fuse the guttural intensity of Filth era Swans with the more melodic melancholy of White Light From the Mouth of Infinity. To Be Kind is one of the best Swans albums I have heard in a while, and I am looking forward to seeing them in Richmond, Va. March 2015.

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 4. Druglord-Enter Venus (STB Records)

Sludgy Psych/Stoner/Doom, whatever you kids call it today,this is mega-heavy and will squeeze the last breath from your lungs. The superb packaging by STB Records makes this an instant collectible. Ya heards me?

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5. GODFLESH-Decline & Fall EP (Avalanche Recordings)

Most people paid attention to the full length A World Lit Only by Fire, which is an amazing album to be sure, but this ep that came out a couple of months earlier is what throat-punched me. As brutal as Streetcleaner, Decline and Fall was a fitting reintroduction to the  evil genius of Justin Broadrick.

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savage sagas


6. The Meatmen- Savage Sagas (Self Destructo Records)

Simply because they’re The Meatmen and you SUCK! Since 1982, Tesco Vee and the Meatmen have put out fun punk records, and after 18 years since their last record of new material, they have released the future classic Savage Sagas. I remember owning the Blood Sausage ep in 82, that record jangled my giblets. 32 years later I saw them at the 2014 GWAR-B-Q, and they burned down the damn stage. That old croaker Tesco Vee, the original Dutch Hercules, still has it and he’s always more than willing to infect you with it. Still a great band, and this is a kick ass punk/metal album that any fan of the Meatmen will love.



The United hates

7. David Rat-The United Hates (Digital Only) (dromedary Records)

Rat at Rat R , along with the SWANS and Sonic Youth, were at the center of the early 80s No Wave scene in NYC’s Lower East Side.  David Rat, who is now a teacher living in Brazil, has released a solo project that absolutely took me by surprise. My only complaint is that it was a digital download only release. But, the proceeds from The United Hates all go to PAWS, an animal rescue charity. SO hopefully, this will be re-released on vinyl or at least CD in the future. I hope so, because this album is amazing on many levels.

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CTH Green



 8.Close The Hatch~ To Collapse in Absentia: Green (EP)

Hailing from Ohio, this Prog/Doom/Metal outfit offers up some savage heaviness elevated by the use of keyboards, giving their sound an added dimension. Watch Close the Hatch, their next release should be interesting.

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real tears

 9. The Real Tears- Self-Titled (EP)

There were a lot of great records released right here in Norfolk, Va. this year, but The Real Tears are my favorite I believe. With a thick sound, and some snarling vocals from a grizzled misanthrope, The Real Tears are Punk as fuck.

You can read my review of The Real Tears HERE


10. SICMaN of Virginia- Mourning Sicness (SICMaN of Virginia)

Known for their Heavy Mellow sound, sicMan of Virginia can best be described as Black Flag meets The Grateful Dead. Seasoned chops and live shows that are never the same as the last make this one of my favorite live bands in Norfolk, Va.

Read my review from May 23rd HERE.


Again, thanks for the support, and have a Happy New Year. I plan on adding more reviews in the coming year, so stay tuned.

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