Book Review: Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon by Kim Zetter

Countdown to Zero Day is one of those books that sort of gives you the willies. The story of Stuxnet, the major computer virus that set-back the Iranian uranium enrichment program, will force you to rethink the internet’s benign nature- the internet can be a weapon, and this may just be the beginning (cue spooky music now). Scroll down at the end of the review, and listen to some Iggy Pop, from the album Soldier, this week’s Thugbrarian Set-List.



Countdown to Zero: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon

by Kim Zetter

Crown (2014) Hardcover, 406 pages
 A mere five years ago, an internet virus all but shut down Iran’s Uranium enrichment program. An internet virus. Think about that for a minute. Author Kim Zetter airs out the dirty laundry in Countdown to Zero Day– the story behind the most powerful and destructive computer virus to date, Stuxnet, and how it was not only able to damage the Iranian’s nuclear aspirations, but also infecting millions of PCs across the globe.

Countdown to Zero Day reads like a good spy novel-the writing is fast-paced, and not over burdened by an abundance of tech-speak. There are more than enough citations to references, offering the reader the opportunity to further investigate on their own.  Zetter has done a good job of collecting all of the disparate pieces, and weaving them together to form a cohesive explanation of how Stuxnet came about, and what implications we will be dealing with moving forward.

 Highly recommended for anyone interested in technology, politics, espionage and most importantly, those who study the changing nature of modern warfare. Four stars




Thugbrarian Set-List: Iggy Pop- Soldier (1980)


Iggy Pop-SoldierThis has been one of my favorite Iggy albums since it came out. Nothing like the Stooges, but drenched in rock and roll swagger, and just a bit more “artsy” in my opinion.  Have a look and listen to this excellent live video version of the song Dog Food HERE

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