Review: The Real Tears-Still Drunk & Lonely

The Real Tears-Still Drunk & Lonely (CD)

still drunk and lonely

Norfolk, Virginia’s The Real Tears write crunchy, percussive songs that are the musical equivalent of a 2 minute smack to the lips.  Still Drunk & Lonely is about 12 minutes of expertly crafted Punk/Garage songs . The music is a cross between the Detroit sound that spawned the MC5, with equal parts Motorhead and Poison Idea.The seasoned guitar licks of Alex definitely gives the Real Tears a distinctive 70s punk quality, while the steady crunch of George on rhythm guitar , Dickie on drums and Darbe on Bass add enough punch to knock your eyeballs out.

Last but not least, add the dulcet tones of Darbe’s vocals, a throaty meat-grinder mincing an angry pitbull that’s tethered to a burning tree. A delightful mélange soaked in hatred and blind rage, freckled here and there with specks of melancholy, reflection and resentment. Songs tackle common subjects, such as my personal favorites, about the people who you only know from the bars, titled Night Time Friends, and Up,  which deals with the joy of futility. The whole CD rocks from front to back, 5 loud and fast punk songs like punk songs were meant to be played.

The CD comes out Friday Sept. 18th, and if you are in the Tidewater, Va. area, You can get your copy at the CD Release show at the  Norfolk Tap House, along with The Cemetery Boys, Late to the Party and from New York, The Virginia Gentlemen (Oh! Irony). That is a killer line-up, and there will be plenty of The Real Tears’ new CD Still Drunk & Lonely, as well as  new T-Shirts. If you are unable to attend the release show, you can order from their BandCamp page Here. You can also listen to the free stream of the album, or download a digital version at:



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September 17, 2015 · 12:53 am

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