Record Review: The Socials- The Beast Bites (Centsless Productions)

The Socials-The Beast Bites (Centsless Productions ‎– Centsless 16, 2013) 7″ 33 1/3

the beast bites

This little gem was recorded and released in 2013, but I was just turned on to this Cincinnati trio by the Bass player, Shawn Obnoxious, a familiar face in the Bloggerworld, which is how I met him online. There are a few major reasons why The Socials-This Beast Bites is on my turntable often, one reason is that it is the first REAL punk record that has been put out in decades IMO, although I can’t say that I have heard every little punk record that has been released on the thousands of indie labels, but of the dreck that I have heard, it is pretty much phoney piffle in my book.

First of all, the lyrics hearken back to the “sweet spot” error of Punk, 1976-1982.  For instance, the song Hot Tips throws out a Bags vibe that caught my attention quickly. Shawn’s wife, Mrs. Communication belts out the vocals, while playing guitar, tossing out fiery rhetoric with disjointed nonchalance:

Victory is found in steeped defeat

Silence is a deafening treat

Can’t start a fire without a spark

Bring a spoon to the gravy fight

Hot Tips

My Hot Tip to you is, If you like old school Punk/New Wave that is minimalist and has a distinct message, do yourself a favor and find this limited pressing (only 300 pressed). You will thank me profusely.


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September 27, 2015 · 1:18 pm

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