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Thugbrarian Set-List: Le’ Betre/King Buffalo 12″ Split- STB Records

le' beltre


Review: Le’ Betre/King Buffalo 12″ Split-STB Records

Well it’s about that time again- time to sit by your computing device, waiting for 12 noon to get your order in on time for a new STB Records release. Most of you unfortunately,  will be weeping and moaning on Facebook about how you didn’t get in on time. A select few will be taking selfies with their new splattered vinyl, and free stickers, giggling like farting schoolgirls who drank  too much ginger ale.

Hot on the heels of last month’s release of  the Goya/Wounded Giant split, STB Records is putting out another highly collectible release with Le’ Betre/King Buffalo Split 12″,  in a dizzying array of colors. Both bands, while certainly from similar genres, are just as markedly different.

What both bands have in common however, are two vocalists who possess actual talent, and have a good amount of soul. Le’ Betre, hailing from Sweden, barrel through a set of heavy blues sludge, with vocalist Marcus Jonsson exuding a swagger that I haven’t heard since maybe Ian Gillian’s run with Deep Purple.

Marcus lets the emotion flow, and while his style is based on straight up blues, his style is his own, and not some reheated version of the blues that many a dandy have been pooping out like so many soiled jelly beans. (I just made myself sick) There is a level of dissonance and harmonic manipulation that gives Le’ Betre a rough and raw-edged sound, which in my opinion is the source of their charm. My favorite of the 5 songs of theirs is Mother, it’s just good ol’ kick-ass Rock and Roll

King Buffalo, from Buffalo, N.Y., have 3 cuts on the record, with song 3, Providence Eye being 10:46 long. They open up their set reminding me of the Stooges on morphine, which I enjoyed. They are more Sabbath-like, but have a Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe about them, with a little Alice in Chains thrown in. Weird combo, but it works.

Sean McVay‘s vocals pierce through the music, and demand attention. I can only imagine what a powerful performance he would give live. To top it off, there is a killer harmonica riff, and after hearing both of these bands, I can say with confidence that Rock & Roll is back! I really love both of these bands, and I never heard of either of them until STB started marketing this record. Once again, STB Records has produced another release of next-level Rock.

That said, I suggest that you Absorb the below information. Because at 12 Noon, this Saturday Feb. 21st, this limited pressing of 405 1st eds will promptly go on sale, and will disappear within hours, if not minutes. This label, which is a boutique operation run by one man, is on it’s way to being one of those record labels that people will buy whatever they put out, because #1 the music is always good, and usually it is an unknown band that is ready to blow up nationally, and #2 the damned things are hard to obtain! You have to set your alarm, have everything you need (coffee, smoke(s), chips etc), and be ready to press that key before hundreds of others just like you right at 12 Noon on the button. I have only been this lucky twice. You gotta be quick son, you heard me?

This Saturday, 12 Noon, February 21, 2015, if you want one of these bad boys, you will need to go to the STB Big Cartel site HERE

You can also stream the album for free right HERE

Good luck. Look below for release break-down, vinyl color, special variations etc., you can also check out each band’s Bandcamp page to check out their music.

Release info: On SALE Saturday Feb 21st 2015 12 noon eastern standard time!
Limited Vinyl Pressing of 405

Die Hard Edition – 75 pieces
Band Only – 100 pieces
OBI Series – 100 pieces
Not So Standard Edition – 130 pieces

Mastered specifically for vinyl

Exclusive artwork done by Thieves Of Tower


Release 2/21/2015 12 noon EST

King Buffalo (Rochester, NY)

Le’ Betre (Sweden)

STB Records



February 19, 2015 · 12:07 pm